Welcome to Valley Press Books. We are a corporation, under the name Tango Software Corp in Canada, and Avatele Group LLC in the USA.

Our website is all about selling books, digital media, selling Master Sale Rights and Private Label Rights of rare content, produced by reputable authors and editors and journalists.

The content that we gather is from many hundreds if not thousands of hours, of obtaining Freedom of Information approval from various governments for the release of “intriguing” information.

We also are a community where authors and content providers can consign their content through us to resell and permanently sell.

Books that you see online are ebooks that are resold with permission by the author. Also we resell content which copyrights have been expired and we repackage the content in a meaningful fashion that can be resold.

Creative Commons and MIT licensed material are also sold on our website.

Our main buyers are enthusiasts of freedom of information gatherers and for educational sales in bulk for classrooms, or for theorem studies in congregations for in depth studying or for learning debate.