We are Valley Press Books.

We operate in the USA and Canada. We are run and managed by two companies: Tango Software Corp (sales and logistics) and Avatele Group. (sales and book restoration and binding and copyrighting).

We have lots of books products:

  • Digital Book sales.
  • Bulk Digital Book sales — for classrooms, churches, online viewing to huge crowds that need to access the same book, hosting of manuals and materials for other companies, and media downloads
  • Book printing and binding
  • Restoration of books
  • OCR – we scan books to get the content text in digital and typeable format
  • Petitioning for Freedom of Information (FOIA) content
  • A repository of Free Public Service Announcements which were broadcasted on radio and television from the 1920s to 1980s
  • PLR – Private Label Rights, management of material
  • Seller of Master seller Rights (MSR)
  • Copyrighting of unique material
  • ISBN searches for canada and USA